About Agansora

Eduardo Antonio Fernández Pujals, the owner of Agricola Ganadera Norteña S.A., came to Nicaragua in 1997 with a desire to get into agriculture. Over the last two decades, Aganorsa has been transformed from an unknown organization into a major force in the world of Nicaraguan tobacco. The company has built a clientele by growing tobacco in the old-fashioned Cuban style, using Cuban seeds and the oversight of well-seasoned agronomists from Cuba. Giant and boutique companies alike get tobacco from Aganorsa, but the operation also produces its own cigars, with brands like Aganorsa Leaf, Casa Fernandez, Guardian of the Farm and JFR. The premium cigar wing of Aganorsa was known as Casa Fernandez until 2018, when it changed to Aganorsa Leaf in order to align the company identity more closely with the Fernández family’s tobacco.